The Person I’m Meant to Be (Original Poetry Submission)

The Person I’m Meant to Be
The heart pumps

Blood flows through my veins

My heart jumps

My eyes are dry

While it continues to rain


The warmth of my blanket

Wrapped around my skin

Life is what you make it I’ll run outside

Wash away my sins


Value the truth

As much as despise a lie

You determine if you lose

It’s part of fate

Only if you try


Whether you lose or gain something

You’ll see if it’s meant to be

Open up your mouth

Your soul is what God can see


Question yourself

Who are you as a person?

Are you becoming better?

Or have you worsened?

Are you proud?

Or are you put to shame?

The real question is will you change?


Your soul can uplift from your body

At any given moment

Judgment day is coming

Have you repented and learned

Otherwise you are not chosen


So fight away your demons

And do what’s right

Make the wise decisions

Or suffer regrets and consequences

Later on in life


Written by: Destiny Green

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