Blinn Takes Over the Capital

By Andrew White

My alarm is screaming at me; the bright lights penetrate the darkness as I search for an absolution from the torment. I fumble about eventually stopping the infernal noise and lights and begin my daily preparations. By the time I haul my sorry carcass to the Student Center it is 6:27a.m. I search the Atrium, noting all my fellow students, some in dresses, others in suits, but their situation is like mine: they would rather be in bed. However, by 2 p.m. we would all know that it was worth it to leave.

On Tuesday February, 5, a group of students from Blinn College Brenham went to Austin for the Fifth Annual Community College Day. Also attending were groups from Blinn Bryan and Brazos and hundreds more like the students from Blinn.

“It was pleasing,” said Blinn sophomore Victoria Arriaga. “There was an overwhelming amount of students representing their respective community colleges.”
The proceedings began at 10 a.m. with a welcome by various people, including state senators, representatives, and the Texas Junior College Student Government Association. All speakers welcomed the crowd and gave words of encouragement. They also let us know that we are the future and that it is time for us to seize our destiny.

“It was neat to hear the representatives and senators talk,” Said Blinn freshmen Amanda Borys. “It was also neat to learn how many of these state officials began their education at a junior college or community college.”

One of the main points of the day was the argument over a concealed handgun license rule that would allow colleges to either allow or deny the possession of concealed firearms on school grounds.

“They (the state government) should let the schools decide whether or not to let students carry a weapon,” said Arriaga. “They are the ones who know how best to protect their students.” Others did not share the same view point as Ms. Arriaga. “While it has a noble goal,” said Borys, “we have a campus security force to handle our defense, and it should be left to them.”
After the morning welcome the students were free to roam the capitol and take in the sights and sounds of the state government. The majesty of the capitol building was overwhelming, and most people stared straight up at the dome and the seal of Texas.

“The Capitol was amazing,” said Borys. “The architecture, the art, the history is all just overwhelming and awe-inspiring.”

After enjoying their free time and lunch, the Blinn students were given a special treat a meeting with a State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst from Brenham. It was at this time the students were given the chance to ask questions of Rep. Kolkhorst. The students did not waste this opportunity as they were able to pick the brain of our local representative.
“It was such an honor to meet her,” said Boyrs. “She is a woman in a male-dominated field, and not only does she meet the challenges of her field, she rises above it. Washington county could not ask for a better representative.”

Rep. Kolkhorst delighted the students in her office with tales, and she stressed that we all need to pitch in and help and that even though we may have our differences, we must learn to work together.

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